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Smart Hair

As COVID-19, slammed businesses globally most industries either changed their business model or some other big changes might have happened to cope up with the situation. The same has happened with the Human Hair industry. The lockdown in India was imposed in March 2020, which means no hair donation was happening so in commercial language we can say that no new stock of Temple Hair (Raw Hair/ Virgin Hair) was arriving. Well in that case, in any industry if new stock is not available then the price of the available stock inflates to slow down the demand for the existing stock or you can say that business houses charge a premium on the existing stocks to keep the stock as long as they can. However, we believe with the COVID19 situation even importers were also under huge pressure to follow their respective Govt guidelines such as social distancing, 50% occupancy in salons, etc which again increases the prices of the product for the end-user. If we will not control the price rise many businesses would either go out of business or they might start selling inferior quality products to sustain in the market which will eventually be unfair to the community so we have taken a very thoughtful decision to introduce Smart Hair. Due to the scarcity of the Raw Temple hair, the prices started going up. To overcome the scarcity, we at Silky Fusion tied up with a temple that wasn’t following the practice of donating the hair earlier but now they started doing it so, exclusively for us. By doing this we have nullified the scarcity and eventually controlled the prices of Raw Temple Hair. So our Smart Hair has all the properties of Raw Temple Hair (which is the most premium quality hair) and the price of it is very less compared to Raw Temple Hair. Which one is better Raw Temple Hair or Smart Hair? We recommend going for Raw Temple Hair as it’s the most lovable quality across the globe. And the hair donating practice in this temple is going since years so the chances of making errors are very minimal, whereas our smart hair is sourced from a temple that is new to the hair donating practice which makes them a little vulnerable to making a few errors in the process of donating, collecting & preserving.

Properties of all the Hair

Raw Temple Hair
Smart Hair
Remy Hair
Life Span
5 years
5 years
2-3 years
Chemical Application
No, chemical application
No, chemical application
No, chemical application
Yes. Blonde is available
Yes. Blonde is available
No, because it’s a multi-donor hair
New Temple
Individuals from different areas
Single Donor
Single Donor
Roots & Tips
Roots in one direction, tips on the other direction
Roots in one direction, tips on the other direction
Roots in one direction, tips on the other direction

When do we recommend you to go for Smart Hair?

We recommend all our clients to buy Smart Hair in low quantities just to try their market because of the 2 situations
mentioned below:-

  • If you want to create a monopoly in the market you can do that with smart hair because it has all the properties of
    Raw Temple Hair but the price of Smart Hair is very less compared to Raw Temple Hair. So you can capitalize on the
    lesser price and great quality proposal. This will help you in creating a monopoly for your business.
  • Secondly, we recommend you offer Smart Hair to all those clients who are good but very price-oriented. This means
    they are looking for good quality hair but couldn’t pay for Raw Temple Hair in one go however if they are satisfied
    with the hair they keep coming to buy more.

Questions you should ask from the vendors before you finalize them for your business.

We would like to provide a series of questions which you should ask from every vendor before finalizing them, we hope
it might help you to make a wise decision.

  • Source of the hair? (Best Ans. Temple is the best source)
  • Does your Hair go to 613? (Best Ans. The purest form of hair can go to 613)
  • What all textures the hair can go on? (Best Ans. If Natural Curly (not steamed) is available then it’s a plus.)
  • What is the life expectancy of the hair? (Best Ans. More than 5 years)
  • What are the cuticles of the hair? (Best Ans. Intact and goes in the same direction)
  • How many donor’s hair form one weft? (Best Ans. Single Donor)

Graphical Representation Of Hair Qualities