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How to launch your hair business

One Page launch plan for your hair business

As we are in this industry for a very long time we have observed that at times people don’t have any plan for their business. So we came up with a one page plan to launch your hair business.

The typical practice they follow is simply to start searching a vendor online or put their inquiries on some online platforms and start discussing with vendors regarding the hair quality, its features, refund policy, lifespan, etc. 

They are so passionate in provide great quality hair that they forgot to consider the simple economics of business or at times they are so calculative that they couldn’t make a wise decision on which quality they should buy for their business.

And more then selling their focus is on purchasing a great quality hair at the price of Chinese Hair, and trust me it will never going to happen. If you are looking for a great quality hair and comfortable in paying accordingly you will get great quality and if you are comfortable in paying equivalent to Chinese hair, you will get the quality accordingly.

We believe that you should focus on purchasing the correct quality for your business, not the best quality. Though quite often it has been observed that providing the best quality is the correct quality.

Choose correct hair quality to launch your hair business

The basic and the very first question comes when you start your hair business is, which quality you want to provide to your customers. Raw Hair, Remy Hair, or both?

To come to a conclusion we suggest you to analyze it on 3 parameters.

  • How easily you can sell the selected quality?
  • Will your customer be happy with the selected quality?
  • Will you be able to provide them the basic knowledge/training about the quality you are providing them.

If your selection is based on the above 3 questions we believe you have made a correct choice for your business.

To know about the Hair qualities please click here.

Research on these factors before your launch your hair business

Who will be your customer type?

  • End-user
  • Parlours
  • Hair Stores
  • Hairstylists
  • All

How helpful your proposal will be for your customer type?

  • Discounted prices
  • Free Coupons
  • Complementary services
  • other valuable services

What will you charge?

Help buyer to make easy purchase.

  • At market price.
  • At discounted price.
  • Another unique pricing system like buy now pay later later feature.
  • Installment feature.
  • PayPal or other payment facilities.

What other ways you can make money from this business?

  • By partnering with stores.
  • By recommending a hairstylist.
  • By directing your customers to a collaborative associate.
  • By sharing your knowledge.
  • By helping others in launching their business.

Your uniqueness makes you stand ahead

  • Customer Experience – Have you ever thought what makes your customer a regular customer then a loyal customer and eventually an advocate for your business. It’s the customer experience. Just remember one thing your customer doesn’t value how much you know he value how much you care for him. Yes, customer experience is a key ingredient for your successful venture. 
  • Value of the proposal – Your marketing strategy, marketing tools, networking, relations, online presence, etc everything will go in vain if your offer/proposal is not good for your client. Your offer is the basic thing for which your client will come and keep coming to you so put all your efforts to increase the value of your proposal. We have made a valuable proposal for our VIP clients to know about it please click here
  • Problem solver – I’m sure we all have heard about this basic rule of business “Problem Solver”. If your business wants to make some money then you need to solve a problem be it your client’s problem or your hairstylist’s problem anyone but you need to solve a problem if you want to make rightful money.
      • Provide a great quality product to your customer at a great price and help them in financing it is helping your client.
      • Introducing a new talented hairstylists to your VIP customer is helping everyone in the business world.
      • You can also help hair stores by providing hair to them and allowing them to make part payment or by sharing their profits later onwards.
      • We have also solved a problem with our new clients by making a sample kit for them, to know about it please click here.

In any which way if you can solve anyone’s problem in the business world then congratulations you are all set to take off and launch your hair business.

Make the engine work

If you have worked on all the above mentioned parameters then we would suggest you to start your venture and use all the possible tools to let people know about you. You can use Online/Offline paid Ads, Influencer Marketing, Flash Sales, Social Media Marketing, Collaborations, Radio Ads, etc. We can assure you that if you have selected the correct quality for your business, your offer is great and you care about your customer and customer experience then nobody can stop you in establishing your hair business.

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