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About Us

About Us

We are a Human Hair company located in India however we don't only manufacture human hair products, we build businesses together. To know more about it please read below.

The company is founded in 2001 and run by a family in India. In the initial phase, we use to sell the human hair products to the local exporters in India, and then those exporters exports the products to their overseas clients, however, in 2012 the next generation of the family joined the business and decided to dive deep into the international market and try their luck as the reason being that our hair quality is loved by all the local exporters and we we

Modern/Startup Approach

In 2012, we started approaching the importers and received immense support and love from them. However, during our visit to the US in 2016, we realized that a lot of start-ups are struggling to establish themselves in the Hair business space and that their 2 biggest problems (2 costly affairs) are:-

  • The money gets wasted in sampling hair from different vendors to
    finally select one for their business.
  • Most of them don’t know the best efficient way of doing
    marketing/ branding for their business.

After a series of hit & trial methods of sampling the correct hair quality for their business, by the time they finalize the vendor and start working on the hair business they left with very limited funds in the business and can’t spend much on marketing. And because they couldn’t spend on marketing it will be hard for new businesses to sustain and make a remarkable space in the hair industry for their business.

So we have added a new business model specially designed for the Startups in which we offer great quality hair at great prices obviously and we help them in establishing their business by solving both the major problems which consume a major chunk of cash from the business.


We introduced a sample kit (which is fully customizable) in which they have to invest merely $79 (including shipping). It consists of 5 different textures and it will be delivered to them, they can run all the necessary tests and feel the hair for just $79.


Secondly, we all know that most US & European digital marketing companies have ties with Indian companies for marketing and accounting, they usually outsourced the marketing services to their Indian counterparts and charge high for their services.

So we tied up with those companies here, now they don’t have to spend
really high on marketing separately. We provide a lot of marketing services
for free of cost and for the marketing services which aren’t free also are very
nominal as compared to what they usually pay for their home country

What makes us Unique?

Like all the companies we are not only in selling hair products, we believe in collaborations and we provide all the possible assistance to make our client’s business a successful venture. In other words, we help them in establishing their hair business a well flourished human hair business.

Silky Fusion
Other Vendors
Sample Kit
$79 (fully customizable) including shipping
Need to spend 100’s of dollars plus shipping
Marketing Services
A lot of things are free & rest nominal charges
For Startups
Provide special prices and support
Coming Soon
Special Raw Hair Quality
Yes, (we have 2 Raw Hair Qualities)
After-sale services