Silky Fusion

For Start-Up

As COVID-19, slammed businesses globally most industries either changed their business model or some other big changes might have happened to cope up with the situation. The same has happened with the Human Hair industry. Smart Hair & a special approach (we call it Star t-up approach) to help our clients:-

The two major problems faced by Startups in the Hair business space are:-

  • Spending a lot on samples
  • No Planned Digital Marketing (startups usually try to do digital
    marketing by themselves)

We came up with an approach to solve both these problems. We don’t believe in selling the hair to our clients, we believe in joining hands with them and helping them in establishing the business so that they can give tough competition to well-established businesses. We have solved both the problems as mentioned earlier for our clients.

  • Firstly by offering them a fully customizable sample kit at an investment of merely $79 (including shipping). They will get a sample kit that includes 5 bundles of 20 grams each of 5 different textures, they can feel the hair and run various tests on the hair like color tests, fire tests, etc. The pre-decided textures are Straight, Natural Curly, Natural Wave, Deep curly & Body Wave. However pre-decided textures, length & weight of the sample can be changed as per the client’s choice.
  • The second problem is market ing for startups. Startups usually prefer to do marketing by themselves which isn’ t a correct approach. Marketing plays a very vital role in business growth. Wrong quality of hair wi th wrong marketing would definitely kill your business but good quality of hair with wrong market ing would not bring fruit ful results to your business. To do correct marketing, first, you need to understand the basic fundamentals of market ing, which is why big companies hire marketing agencies. Without following those fundamentals all your efforts will go in vain. So we always suggest hiring a professional marketing agency to reap maximum benefits.

Usually, when you hire a digital marketing agency in your home country for your business they do the discussions on the action plan however later they outsource the same work to their associates from other countries and these other countries are usually from Asia as the per-hour rates in Asia is a lot lesser than what you pay to them at your home country.

So we have tied up with a few market ing agencies here in India to handle your marketing work professionally. You don’ t have to pay hefty charges for those services which you have to pay to those marketing agencies in your home country. Below is the list of services in which we can help you.

  • Website Making
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Optimisat ion for
  • SEO
  • Email Market ing
  • PPC Advertising
  • Other

To know how the costing for these marketing services work, whether you have to pay for them or they are absolutely free please email us at or Call/Whatsapp us at +919887744426.