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Various Textures in Hair Extensions

As we all know that Good Quality & Natural Textures in Human Hair Extensions are demand of the hour as it changes your looks instantly and enhance your flawless beauty. Their are lot many textures available which you can wear and spot a unique look instantly. Nowadays good quality Hair Extensions have a great potential in the market as they are loved by almost every lady on the planet.

Huge demand of different Textures makes a must have beauty product. Have you ever thought how celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and lot others spot shorter lengths on day one and instantly spot longer locks on day two?

Yes you guessed it right it’s the magic of Human Hair Extensions. Because celebrities spot different looks each day with the help of Hair Extensions the demand of it is increasing day by day.

Increase in demand of Hair Extension also gives the birth of different textures, sizes, colours.

What various Textures in Hair Extensions are available?

The Textures are classified in 2 categories.

  1. Natural Textures
  2. Man-made Textures

So now few FAQ’s on the textures are :-

  1. So which textures are Natural Textures & which are man-made textures?
  2. How can you differentiate?
  3. Which is the best texture?

If you do a proper research you will find that their are lot many different textures available in the Market, for instance some of them are Kinky curly, Jerry curly, Natural Curly, Deep Curly, Curly, Natural Wave, Water Wave, Deep Wave, Body Wave etc.

All these textures are great however they aren’t Natural Textures, but are Man-made textures. As these are Man-made textures that doesn’t mean they are bad. Man-made textures has nothing to do with the quality of the Hair Extension. 

Texturing is nothing but merely styling of the Hair Extension and all the textures are great however one should put more emphasis on getting a healthy hair instead of running behind a specific texture of the Hair.

And the reason behind why we suggest to go after a good quality Hair Extension is that if you have a great quality healthy hair, you can give style to the Hair by yourself, and considering the quality of the Hair is good the Hair will easily take the style. So in our opinion you should take Natural Textures in great quality hair.

If you do your research you will find that all the licensed Hair Stylist always prefer to go for Natural Textures and premium quality Hair.

Natural Textures in Hair Extensions

Their are 3 Natural Textures which all the stylists prefer :-

  1. Straight Hair
  2. Natural Wavy
  3. Natural Curly

Above mentioned textures are only Natural Textures we Indians have, rest all the other textures are manmade textures. And man-made textures aren’t bad, its just that all the man made texture will come to it’s natural texture after a certain period of time.

We suggest to go for Natural Textures doesn’t mean that we don’t do different textures. We do all sort of textures you just need email us the pic of the texture at and we will make it for you.

Why licensed Hair Stylist prefer Natural Textures?

The reason why most of the Hair stylist prefer natural textures are because all the manmade textures will come to it’s natural texture after certain washes and then you have to restyle to a specific texture and we have observed that being a hair stylist they love their freedom to restyle the Hair again of their choice so Hair stylists prefer to have natural textures in great quality hair which is Unprocessed Human Hair (Raw Hair & Remy Hair) and once they get the Hair in Natural Texture they might use it the way they received it or they give the texture to the Hair by their own.

Are Manmade Hair Textures bad?

No, not at all. Textures are always good as far as they a looking as per the client requirement. It’s the quality of the Hair which matters. As we said earlier that Texture is nothing but merely a styling to the Hair.

In our opinion you should always take professional help in texturing the Hair if you don’t have enough experience in doing so.

Either you can opt for licensed holder Hair stylist or let us know which texture you need as we have a team of professionals who only do textures all day and night.

So if you have any specific texture requirement please feel free to let us know about the same. And if you have any further questions regarding the texture please reach out to us at or You can also fill the contact form on our website with the apt inquiry and we will contact you shortly.

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