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Taking Care of Raw Human Hair

Techniques on how to take care of your Raw Hair.

Surely, you have heard one phrase a lot many times that the life expectancy of the Hair would be 2 -3 years provided “the user take good care of the Hair“. Now learn the techniques on how to take care of your Raw Human Hair.

In our experience, we have also faced that at times people purchase good quality of Hair and they couldn’t maintain the quality because they don’t know how to handle the quality hair also and they have some myths (will also be discussing) in their mind regarding the Raw Human Hair.

So this time we thought to discuss how the hair should be taken care of so that the quality & life expectancy of the Raw Hair can be preserved and by doing this not only Raw Hair, even if you have purchased any other quality of Human Hair, you can at least maintain the quality of it to some extent.

So let’s start spilling the beans on techniques to take care of your hair (Raw Hair).

  • Shampoo & Conditioner – Many websites claim that you can shampoo & condition the hair once in every 15 days because your hair isn’t getting any oil from the scalp it is okay to do it less frequently. However, our belief system suggests completely opposite to this. We believe that the Hair isn’t getting any nutrients from your scalp so you have to provide those minerals from the external world and for that, you need to shampoo & condition the hair quite oftenSecondly, there are dust particles present in the air which settles in the cuticles and if not remove it immediately it will damage the hair
  • Working of Shampoo & Conditioner – Shampoo creates foam and cleans the cuticles, hair length, and scalp however conditioner is the external source of proteins. Conditioner provides all sorts of important proteins required by the hair so never skip conditioning of the hair. It’s very very important.
  • Oiling – Oiling is something that is important to your Hair. Many people claim that oiling is beneficial only to the scalp which isn’t true. When you apply oil it softens, provides nutrients, and at the same time, it cleans the cuticles.
  • Be Gentle – We have observed that people believe that if the hair is genuine raw temple hair then they can handle it the way they want which is false. If you have Raw Hair also then you have to handle the hair gently. Please be respectful of the investment you made.
  • Combing is a process – Combing is a process, not an activity. There is a specific way of combing the hair and one should follow that to avoid shedding & tangling. To know how to comb there hair please click here.
  • Combing timings – Always comb your hair when it is 90% dry which is like 2-3 hours post shampoo & conditioner because when the hair is wet it’s in their weakest state and tends to break very easily.

Few takeaways from this article – Techniques to take care of your Raw Hair

Consider it as an investment, not an expense:-

Whatever price you have paid for your hair (be it inferior quality), it’s your investment so treat it like one. Handle with care.

Human Hair is a Natural product:-

Human Hair is a natural product, just like other natural products like diamonds, jewelry, elephant’s tusk, etc so please don’t expect it to be the same with every other hair bundle, just keep on learning about the Hair and observe your particular product. Just think this way, if I show you two diamonds from the same mining or an elephant tusk from the same elephant do you think they will look entirely the same? No, natural products are not 100% the same every time. Just like diamonds we bring hair from the temple and make a final product for you. If you want great quality Natural Raw Hair don’t expect it to look/behave the same way to the other bundle.

Handle with care:-

You never take your Mercedes for off-roading right? Have you ever thought why so because Mercedez is definitely not a bad car. It’s because Mercedez isn’t meant for that. Mercedez is a car which you take to go to a party, to your office, to meet your family etc. For off-roading, you need a specific car like a hummer or a jeep. So don’t do off-roading on your Raw Hair and handle it gently. Buy synthetic hair, if you want to do off-roading and can not take care of the hair.

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