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Why we Indians donate their Hair and feel gratified about it

History of Raw Indian Temple Hair

We took this initiative to throw some light on the enormous section of the billion dollar industry – Human Hair & history of Raw Indian Temple Hair.

What happened in our First visit to the US?

In our very first visit to the USA in 2016 we realised that many people have misconceptions and doubts about the Hair Business, on the type of qualities available, what is Raw HairRemy Hair & Non Remy Hair, the actual source, what to expect from which quality and what not. So we thought to fill the knowledge gap and by addressing your doubts, queries and issues in our upcoming Newsletter.

Do you know?

Before we start further do you the surprising source of some celebrities’ hair is Indian hair extensions. Have you ever wondered how you get these beautiful locks. All these hair has been donated in a temple of Lord Krishna (Hindu God) by the devotees who comes from all around the globe.

Why Indians donate their Hair (Birth of Raw Indian Hair)?

In India, People who donates the Hair in the Temple has no monetary benefits, they whole heartedly donates their genuine Human Hair because of the deep faith they have towards the god. They simply believe that by donating their Hair to the god, they are sacrificing their precious locks which makes god happy and give them blessings and they cherish this feeling as it makes them gratified. On daily basis more than 200,000 people arrive to the temple and they donate their Indian Hair, and this is the first step which gave birth to Raw Temple Hair.

What happens post donating the Hair

Earlier these hair use to be burn by temple authorities but these days temple authorities auction these hair and use the funds for more pragmatic purpose like building schools, helping various NGO’s & trusts in their core objects, uplifting the women lifestyle & security.

They sell it through the auction process to manufactures and exporters to make hair products for better use. This is the first step in an extraordinary journey that sees their long, dark locks woven into the hair of women thousands of miles away.

It also helps the society as it generates employment, wigs for cancer patients, enhance the beauty of celebrities and common people like you and me. A leading Newspaper reveals data that till 2011 January the temple auctioned Hair worth Rs. 200 Crore (2,93,82,180.00 USD) which is weighted to around 6,20,000 Kg of Hair. And it’s not only Hair (precious to all of us) which people donate in the Temple, people donate cash, gems, jewellery and lot many other precious belongings.

How other countries are

In all over the world, India is the only country where people donate the Hair happily rest all the other countries (if any) people sell/donate forcefully the Hair either for money or because of the hair mafia. Yes you heard it right, as now we all know that Hair industry is the billion dollar industry which leads to lot many unethical practices.

Some people also believe that Raw Temple Hair is the best quality Hair :-

  1. Because donors are not financially struggling and leads healthy life so their Hair must be healthy in quality.
  2. And secondly, the reason of donating the Hair is so beautiful that it guarantees the Hair quality.

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