Silky Fusion

During our visit to the US in June 2023 we met a lot of potential people, some of them are already establish in the Hair business, some are celebrity hair stylist, couple of them are well establish in some other industry like music or basketball and some of them are potential start-ups who are planing to make some serious dent in the industry and they are backed by the investors and VC.


Our sincere efforts and struggle in the hair business to joint hands with some experienced business houses and to provide unmatchable service  with the intention to provide unparalleled hair quality we were cover by couple media houses who shared some important key points such as :-

  1. Our unparalleled hair Quality
  2. Our B2B Excellence and Framework which reduces more than 75% complaints.
  3. Our Innovation to make the great hair quality affordable.
  4. Last but not the least, our journey to US in which we met some recognised famous faces.

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