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Remy Unprocessed Human Hair

Remy Unprocessed Hair

Remy Hair, Unprocessed Hair, Remy 100% Unprocessed Hair, Remy Human Hair is the name of the same quality. It’s not the most premium quality Hair but that doesn’t make it bad quality Hair either. 

Deciding Parameters

Remy Unprocessed Human Hair qualifies all the major parameters on which the Hair Quality is measured like :-

  • Most important it has Intact Cuticles goes in same direction which protects the Hair
  • Roots one side & Tips on the Other side so no tangling.
  • No Chemical Application as a result long life of your Hair
  • No mixing of Synthetic Hair, Fiber fillings, Horse tail mixing etc in short 100% Human Hair

To sum up, Remy Unprocessed Hair is a good quality Hair with a great affordable price.

Birth of Remy Human Hair

India earlier use to export only Raw Temple Premium Hair, however when Chinese entered the Hair industry they started purchasing inferior quality Hair from different sources, process the Hair by applying tons of chemical on the Hair and label it as Virgin Hair which isn’t the case.

They just make the Hair look really beautiful with the help of chemical application which eventually decay the quality after few washes.It’s hard to figure out the true quality of the Hair online and because they label it as Virgin Hair people tend to believe what they see online so therefore as a result to fight the competition Indian companies introduced the concept of Remy Hair.

In Remy Hair, Indian companies started procuring the Hair from individuals of different villages & towns and removed the auctioned process (through which temple Hair is obtained) which is the major cost reduction in the prices. 

Properties of Raw Hair

Chemical Application
All textures are available
Sourced from individuals
Natural Curly
Not Avialable
Intact and goes in same direction
Root & Tips
One side roots & another side tips
Life Span
2 years and more
Price wise
More economical the Raw Hair
Sample Kit
Good combination of price & quality

Hair Sample Kit

We have made sampling easy like never before. Now you don’t have to spent lot of money the sampling process. And it’s fully customizable.


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Sizes Available in Raw Temple Premium Hair Extensions from 10 Inches to 30 Inches

We accepts payments via

  1. PayPal (5% PayPal fee borne by the client)
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. BitCoins (Part payment can be made by bit-coins)

Company we use to ship the Hair?

Usually we prefer FedEx or DHL which ever is cheaper to the destination however if client have any special recommendation w are open to it.

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