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How to launch your hair business

Well-planned strategies to grow your start-up.

Before you get into the business it’s very important for everyone to do the preliminary research to start the same. And for the Hair business it is extremely important for you to select a correct hair quality for your business.

However, their isn’t any set formula by which you can decide which quality is best for you. The answer to this question is very complex and depends on various parameters which we will discuss here.

Before we move forward, we would like to inform you that there are majorly 2 Natural Human Hair quality, rest of the qualities are derived by mixing the hair quality with finer fillings, synthetic hair etc.

To know about the 2 qualities of Human Hair like their nature, origin, characteristics, benefits & negatives please click here.

Choose the correct quality and grow your business

If you are a Start-up or not very experienced in the Hair business then you have to consider a lot of parameters to decide which quality you should select. Let’s discuss each parameter one by one.


You need to understand the market trends/customer needs in your demographics and align them with your business goals. If you want to move your stock really fast then you should go with the market trends however if you want to be a brand in your location you need to serve your client with premium quality.

Target Customer

Is a factor that is ignored by everyone assuming that all the customers are their target customers but practically this isn’t true. Every customer requirement is different from the other and you can not target every segment with a single product. So one should do research on the needs of the different segment like school-going girls, College girls, business professionals, House makers, pro-fashionable models, etc.

Buying Capacity

You need to consider the buying capacity of your target customer. Make sure your marketing goals are aligned accordingly and convey a relevant message to your target customer. You can implement different marketing and pricing strategies with different products to target different segments of customers like fashion models and college girls who may like to experiment with hair however business professionals or lawyers would prefer to keep it simple yet premium.

Your Network

In the 1990 and early 2000’s most of the companies opted for a simple strategy of take-overs (purchase) the competition and expanded their business, most of the business giants use to do that however now doing business in the 21st century is pretty simple yet very tough but the key strategy now is collaboration. You need to collaborate with people and businesses to expand your business pretty fast.

And to grow you need to check how efficient your network is and need to collaborate with relevant people for example if you are a start-up you need to collaborate with hairstylists, with other start-ups, with new hair salons, you need to form a network in collages to promote your sales, collaborate with influencers, etc but make sure you offer something to your collaborative partner it should be a win-win situation for everyone.

As we stated earlier that we support small businesses and would like to take some serious initiative to do the same and this article is one of them however we would encourage each one of you to please make it a two-way communication. 

Please fill the below form and share the issues you came across with the hair so that we can help you with the solution and take a step further in supporting you in the business.

Your Aim/goal

Before moving forward you need to decide your ultimate goal, would you like to flourish with only cash and wants to move the stock very fast then we would suggest you go with Remy Unprocessed Hair however if you aren’t in hurry and would like to become a brand in your country if you want to do this business for a long term then we would suggest you to go for Raw Temple Hair as that is the most premium quality hair and loved by everyone.

Ancillary Benefits

There are many benefits of a successful hair business other than money. We have studies the market of almost all the major countries like the US, the UK, Portugal, France, Germany, Spain, etc and we have realized that a successful hair business in these countries is very influential. Owners of successful hair businesses play a very vital role in their society due to their networks and support from the public.

Devote to a cause

We also believe that you should devote your business to a social cause or for a community cause, it will give an identity and soft corner to your business and promote your business physiologically which is very important.

Personal Brand

Personal brand is also very important and could be achieved easily if you put your efforts in a correct direction. You just need to focus on how you can build trust, authority, expertise in your genre and you can make your business a brand. The most easiest way to become a brand is to explain or resolve a complex problem.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing plays a vital role for the growth of your business and social media is the best tool to capitalise on that. You should be vocal about your opinions, your efforts to you put to improve your client satisfaction.

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