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We are a Human Hair company located in India however we don't only manufacture human hair products, we build businesses together. To know more about it please read below.

The company is founded in 2001 and run by a family in India. In the initial phase, we use to sell the human hair products to the local exporters in India, and then those exporters exports the products to their overseas clients, however, in 2012 the next generation of the family joined the business and decided to dive deep into the international market and try their luck as the reason being that our hair quality is loved by all the local exporters and we we

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As COVID-19, slammed businesses globally most industries either changed their business model or some other big changes might have happened to cope up with the situation. The same has happened with the Human Hair industry. Smart Hair & a special approach (we call it Start-up approach) to help our clients:-

For Wholesales

In the last article which was published a few weeks ago, at the bottom of that article we have shared a piece of news that we have tied up with new temples to control the problem of the price rise. In this article, we will disclose all the details and you can download the price list of the hair. However, before moving forward let’s throw some light on what has happened post COVID19 behind the scenes (on the commercial part of the hair sourcing).

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