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How to avoid Shedding & Tangling.

How many of you are really irritated with shedding & tangling with the Hair Extensions, I guess all of us because Tanging & Shedding are the most common and one of the biggest problem we all face. So let’s discuss how to avoid shedding & tangling.

I believe everyone of you tried so many vendors who are self proclaimers that their Hair won’t Shed & Tangle but when it comes to the practicality, all their Hair Extension sheds and all the self proclaimers just disappear or starts justifying the shedding part.

But let’s start from the basics and discuss what is Shedding.

What is Shedding?

To understand what is shedding let me give you a short background of “How to make a Hair Extension”?

When a Hair is collected from the respective source, then that is called bulk Hair. Bulk Hair needs to be shampoo (washed gently) to remove all the dust particles and other sort of impurities (if any)which were settled in the cuticles.

After the cleaning stage Bulk Hair the track is made by sewing the Hair on the threads.

When the Hair strand comes out from the track that is called Shedding, and hair coming out any other way isn’t shedding.

Is their any other problem which looks like Shedding?

Yes, their is one more thing which isn’t shedding but it looks like shedding & that is called Breakage. Yes both these issues looks similar as in both the cases Hair comes out from the weft. In fact the reason behind these issues are extreme opposite of each other.

It refers to breaking, snapping & shattering of hair strand caused by various external force and poor hair care, it isn’t a normal process but rather happens when a hair can no longer stand the pressure extended on it.

Natural Human Hair has limited capacity to resist the force (Hair is non-elastic in nature) and after that capacity Hair strand breaks whereas synthetic hair is elastic in nature.

And when the track is made with good machines and perfect mechanism/methodology then Natural Hair won’t come out from the track but it breaks and sometimes happen during the combing the process as well.

Reason for Shedding & Breakage?

Reason for Shedding – Shedding happens due to the bad mechanism of sewing, or using old school machines in the manufacturing process or using bad quality or not using a glue.

When you see the shedded hair from the top you will see the moustache folds which simply says that the Hair comes our from the track. Please refer the below video for the same.

Click here to watch the video – Shedding of the Hair

Reason for Breakage – Breakage happens due to the external force applied on the Hair Extension during the combing the Hair. In this Hair does’t come our from the track and you can’t see the moustache. It’s simply the breakage of the Hair somewhere from the middle of the hair strand.

Click here to watch the video – No more shedding

You won’t face shedding & tangling issue with our Hair Extensions?

The reason we why we are so confident that you won’t face shedding issue with our Hair extension is because we are not using just a regular technology or raw material in the making of Hair Extensions. We use 4 head machine during the making of Hair extensions. Four head machine is the most latest technology in the market.

In this machine you have a long table, and on that long table you have four heads which makes/strengthens the track which reduces the possibility of shedding.

We not only using 4 head machine but we also use imported glue which improvises the grip of the track. Where our competitors are using regular glue to keep the cost in control, we uses imported high quality glue either from Japan or from Korea so that we can control the shedding.

How to avoid shedding & tangling? (Video & Use comb instead of Hair brushes)

To avoid shedding & tangling or breakage we would suggest you to be very particular the way you comb your hair and the comb you select.

Many times we have noticed that people are using Hair brushes and not being gentle while combing their Hair and starts from the top and goes to the bottom, however in our opinion this shouldn’t be the case.

You should use wide tooth comb initially and always starts combing the hair from the bottom and goes upward inch by inch. It will de-tangle the hair and avoid the shedding & breakage of the Hair as well.

To see how to comb and avoid Shedding & Tangling click here.

Once you able to comb the entire weft smoothly in one go with the wide tooth comb then if you want you can switch to fine tooth comb however we would still suggest you to not to for Hair brushes.

As far as the health of the Hair is concern or cuticles are concern we always suggest to use wide tooth comb. To maintain the health of the Hair you should focus on shampoo & conditioner of the Hair.

  • Use shampoo whose PH level is less than 6.
  • Never skip conditioning the Hair.
  • Always shampoo the Hair in warm water.
  • Treat the hair gently.

If you consider the above mentioned points and you use the wide tooth comb. Your Hair health & quality will never be compromised and they look way more silky & bouncy day by day.

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