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Raw Hair & Remy Hair

During our client acquisition process we have observed that many people want to try Hair Samples of different textures before they go big however ordering 1 bundle of all the textures involves a lot of investment for which few clients are little apprehensive.They might not be ready at that point in time. So we came up with the solution of the Hair Sample Kit.

We have three variations in the Hair sample Kit

  1. 5 bundles of 20 grams each in Raw Virgin Hair (total 100 grams hair)
  2. 5 Bundles of 20 grams each in Remy Unprocessed Hair (total 100 grams hair)
  3. 10 Bundles of 20 grams each, 5 bundles in Raw Virgin Hair & 5 bundles in Remy Unprocessed Hair (total 200 grams hair)

Sizes & Textures are fully customizable in the sample kit – If a client wants to do any sort of alteration in the Sample Kit like size, texture, weight, or anything that can be done.

1 Human Hair Extension Sample Kit consists of 5 Bundles(Straight, Natural Curly, Natural Wave, Deep Curly & Body Wave hair)

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